Basics of Pitch Design

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Welcome to the Basics of Pitch Design Coaches Certification.

What to Expect

This course contains 28 videos & quizzes, along with 2 bonus videos, on what a coach should know about pitch design.

This course is designed to teach the fundamental terms, learn how you can group specific pitch types, what common issues and fixes may be, some programming basics, and how to use public data effectively.

Basic Questions

How long is my certification valid for?

Certifications are valid for the life of the course

What is included in the price?

$499 includes access to all online videos and quizzes

Will I be listed as certified on Driveline’s website or marketed in any way?

No. Coaches completing the certification will receive the designation of having completed the course but we will not market your completion. We will confirm your completion or non-completion of coursework to third parties upon proof of a coach marketing themselves as “certified” or having completed the course.

Coaches will not receive a certificate at the completion of the course.

What rights do I have to use Driveline in my own marketing of my program, facility or skills?

Upon completion of the course, you will be certified in that course. We do not give permission to individuals or programs to represent they are “Driveline” (ex. “Driveline of Nevada” or “The only Driveline program in Moscow!”).

Representing your instructors as “Driveline-certified” or a variant is an appropriate designation.

Course Details

Basics of Pitch Design has one component:

  1. A comprehensive online course

There is no live event associated with this course

Following each video is a short quiz focused on both general topics that the course covered and practical application of the information. Each quiz has a passing percentage (80%) that must be met before moving on to the next section.

Summary of Table of Contents

  • Introduction, basics of technology, and relevant terms
  • Basics of spin rate, movement, spin direction, spin efficiency
  • Pitching mechanics and pitch type profiles
  • Assessing and the pitch design process
  • Common issues and fixes
  • Programming basics
  • How to use public data

More Questions

Curious about other parts of the course or certification process? See our FAQ here.

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